What Benefits Does Alipay’s Face Recognition Terminal Bring To 7-11?

As early as 2019, Alipay launched its facial recognition-powered POS, Alipay Dragonfly. 7-11, one of the largest convenience store chains in the world, was the first to introduce it. Now two years have passed, what benefits on earth does face recognition payment bring to 7-Eleven?


The most obvious benefit brought by the Alipay facial recognition POS device is that it elevates the checkout experience. Customers can pay without having to dig out their wallets, bank cards or mobile phones. There is no need for customers to worry about not being able to check out even if they lose their wallet or their cell phones run out of battery.

 By saving time to pull out all sorts of small objects from handbags or pockets, paying by face recognition is much faster. Customers only need to swipe their faces ahead of the terminal, and then the checkout process is done. According to statistics, Lotus Supermarkets saves 50% of waiting time after introducing the face recognition POS devices of Alipay.

Labor and rent costs are costly for convenience stores located in the city center. It is estimated that a face payment terminal is equivalent to 1.5 traditional cash registers and can save a comprehensive cost of 13.44 million yuan.

As face payment becomes more popular, introducing face recognition POS devices to meet customers’ needs is necessary. Statistically, Alipay facial recognition-powered POS device can reduce the access cost of facial payment by 80%. It is a simple plug-and-play device without complicated complex installation steps.

Face payment terminals make stores and supermarkets easily get access to face recognition payment. There is no need to upgrade or replace the existing equipment, which provides lots of conveniences and saves costs for store operators.

Face recognition terminals are practical and get double benefits collocate with self-services. Combining face payment terminals with self-service cash registers and self-service kiosks can fully realize self-service and salesclerks have more energy to provide higher-quality services.

Committed to smarter retail, Telpo has launched two reliable facial payment terminals.

Face Recognition Terminal, Telpo C9

Telpo_Telpo C9

Telpo C9 is a face payment terminal of high security, obtaining certifications of EMV, PCI, Paypass, Paywave, CE, etc.


3D-depth sensing camera. Financial-level face payment module, 99.5% accuracy, quick identification within 1 meter.

Multiple payment methods. Face recognition camera, smartcard reader, NFC reader, PIN pad, QR code scanner, etc.

Rich ports. Interfaces including USB, RJ45 and Ethernet make Telpo C9 connected to cash registers, printers, etc.

Face Recognition POS Machine, Telpo C98


Telpo C98 is a face recognition POS with high identification accuracy and delivers a secure and efficient payment experience.


8-inch touch screen. The thin and light screen with 800*1280 resolution reveals vivid and beautiful colors with a great contrast ratio.

Rotatable screen. A more flexible experience is delivered by the screen which can be rotated up to 90 degrees.

Plug and play. Satisfy everyday business requirements by being connected to the keyboard, barcode scanner, cash register, etc.

Telpo is a world-leading smart terminal and solution provider with 23-year experience. Up to now, Telpo products have served more than 120+ countries. To better provide high-quality service worldwide, Telpo has set up offices in India and Russia, as well as branches in Hong Kong, Nigeria, America, and Sri Lanka. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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