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As a smart terminal and solution provider founded in 1999, Telpo has accumulated rich experience in the field of face recognition. By enabling accurate face recognition completed in a matter of seconds, Telpo helps transform the way people interact with money and showcase its leading position.


What is face pay?

Face pay is a burgeoning payment method utilizing facial recognition technology, which allows individuals to pay with their faces instead of cash, credit cards, mobile wallets and other traditional payment methods. The facial features of the user are scanned and matched against a stored database of facial images to verify the identity of the individual making the payment and processing the transaction. This method of facial recognition payment is thought to be more convenient and secure with no need for physical cards or devices.

Why face pay is popular in Russia?

  1. High-level digitalization in Russia

The digital transformation in Russia makes more people embrace the convenience and efficiency of digital payment methods. With the growing popularity of contactless payment methods, the appearance of facial recognition payment is an unstoppable trend in Russia. This new contactless payment method further streamlines the process and creates a more efficient experience for customers.

  • Government support

The Russian government has shown significant support for the adoption and development of face payment technology. The government of Russia has taken various measures to encourage its implementation and usage, such as establishing guidelines and standards for face recognition technology, promoting the benefits of face pay, cooperating with collaborating with technology companies and financial institutions, etc. For example, the Moscow Metro has dispatched at least 1 face recognition gate in every metro station and no other city has offered a facial recognition payment service on this scale so far.

  • Convenience brought by face pay

Face payment t offers a seamless and convenient way for both merchants and customers to make transactions. Since every individual has unique biometric features, facial recognition technology can accurately verify the identity of users, and reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions and unauthorized access. The seamless payment experience makes it widely recognized in Russia.

What Telpo can offer to empower face payment?

  1. Compact device equipped with 5.5-inch screen

The compact devices make it easier for small stores to get access to face payments. Telpo has launched the 5.5-inch biometric payment machine, TPS950. This device with a small footprint takes up a small space and is suitable to be applied in everyday payment scenarios.

Additionally, Telpo offers face payment devices of multiple sizes to select.

  • Securer Linux OS

The Linux OS is thought to obtain a higher level of security and is less likely to suffer cyber-attacks. Besides, equipped with an Octa-Core processor, strong performance and quick facial recognition speed can be ensured.

  • Rich interfaces

Telpo’s face payment device is integrated with rich interfaces, which makes it easy to connect other access control devices and systems. It’s more convenient for users to expand functions.

Telpo’s advantages in the field of face recognition

Telpo has developed a mature facial recognition technology with a wide variety of face recognition devices. These smart devices have been applied in multiple industries covering payment, retail, security, etc. Telpo face recognition devices empower identity verification efficiency and accuracy in various scenarios。

  1. High-precision facial recognition technology

By utilizing intricate algorithms and artificial intelligence to accurately identify individuals’ unique facial attributes, the verification accuracy of Telpo face recognition devices can achieve 99.5%. The high accuracy rate is particularly important to ensure the inerrant identity authorization during the transaction process.

  • High verification speed

High efficiency is the goal of merchants. According to the data, the validation time is less than 0.4 seconds per user. By using Telpo smart terminals, payments can be swiftly processed within seconds. This incredible speed not only saves valuable time for both merchants and customers but also ensures a smooth and efficient payment process, even during peak hours.

  • Multiple options to select

Telpo has developed a wide range of face recognition devices and integrates this technology into other smart terminals like smart cash registers, mobile POS terminals, self-service kiosks, etc. The wide selections provide plenty of choices for customers that have different application scenarios.

  • Rich experience

Telpo has been rooted in the face recognition industry for many years and accelerated rich experience.

Telpo customized face payment terminal for AliPay


AliPay Dragonfly F1 is the first facial payment terminal in China, which has led the industry trend and changed consumer habits. The face payment terminals provided by Telpo support both QR code payments and face payments, which greatly cater to the payment habits of Chinese customers. The AliPay Dragonfly F1 has been widely applied in numerous retail stores and won wide recognition.

Telpo access control device used worldwide

Telpo_TPS980 Asia Access control

Telpo biometric access control terminals have been applied worldwide, covering Asia, South America, Africa, etc. Telpo devices have been applied in multiple scenarios including office buildings, banks, schools, governments and so on. The reliable hardware quality makes Telpo receive praise from customers.

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