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From innovative POS machines to tailored solutions, we are dedicated to making commerce smarter and simpler for our clients. Experience the seamless integration of technology and business efficiency with Telpo, where every solution is crafted to elevate your success in the digital age.

Customized Cases

Retail Store Checkout

TPS900 is used for payment processing in retail stores in Nigeria


TPS900 used to improve banking efficiency

Iris Payment

TPS900 makes iris payments applied in retail stores


Telpo M1 makes payment acceptance and tax control easier

Face Payment

Telpo face payment terminal customized for Alipay makes  payment more efficient


Desktop Facepay POS Terminal


Telpo kiosks make faster and more convenient transactions by
reducing checkout wait time

Burger King

Telpo K20 streamlines ordering
operations and reduces labor


Telpo K13 provides a space-
efficient checkout solution

JD 7-Fresh Supermarket

Telpo kiosks improve customer experience and optimize staff allocation

Food Delivery

Telpo M1 streamlines the food delivery process

Ordering and checkout

TPS683 improves operational efficiency in restaurants

Visitor Registration

TPS680 facilitates a seamless check-in and check-out process

Bakery Checkout

TPS680 streamlines operations and improves customer service in bakeries

Metro AFC Machine

Telpo T20 automates the fare collection process and improve efficiency

Bus Fare Collection

Telpo T20 streamlines the fare collection process and reduce boarding times

Concert Ticket Validation

Telpo T20 allows passengers to quickly and easily validate their NFC bracelets

Ski Resort

Telpo 120 helps reduce wait times for customers to enter

Amusement Park

Telpo T20 helps minimize revenue loss from fare evasion

Railway Station

TPS530 improves the overall efficiency of passenger flow

Ferry Terminal

Telpo T20 delivers a more efficient ticketing process for ferry terminals

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