Telpo MDM 2.0

Mobile Device Management At Scale

Make operation and maintenance efficient

Telpo MDM 2.0

Mobile Device Management At Scale

Make operation and maintenance efficient

Telpo MDM Capabilities

Batch Deployment

Application Market

Remote Technique Support

Account Management

Brand Customizing

Cloud-to-End Device Management

Private Deployment

Enhanced Benefits

Agile device maintenance, effective problem-solving

Flexibility in application management and control
Efficient large-scale deployment acceleration

Customize to
showcase your
brand's personality

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Cloud-to-End Device Management (DM)

Large-scale remote management and control of multi-category and multi-model terminal equipment from the cloud service platform without physical contact.

The functions are as follows:
  • Log Collection

    Log Collection

  • Geofencing


  • System Customization

    System Customization

  • Data Reporting

    Data Reporting

  • Real-time Hardware Monitoring

    Real-time Hardware Monitoring

  • Device Locking/Unlocking

    Device Locking/Unlocking

  • Group Management<br>(by Category, Model, Status)

    Group Management
    (by Category, Model, Status)

  • Google Maps Location Tracking

    Google Maps Location Tracking

  • Device Addition/Removal

    Device Addition/Removal

  • Notifications


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Application Market Management

Enhanced Device Technical Support

Assistance for smart devices, including firmware upgrades, function iterations, bug fixes, remote control, and debugging, as well as real-time device monitoring.

Firmware Upgrades

Unlock new features and enhancements

Iterative Functionality Refinements

Stay ahead of the curve

Remote Control and Debugging

Take control from anywhere

Brand Customizing

Optimize the device’s startup animation, desktop wallpaper, logo, file transfer, and
multimedia advertising push in batches through Al MDM.

Telpo_Brand Customizing

Private Deployment

Offering stand-alone or clustered server deployment methods to provide customers with a variety of choices.
Providing data backup and recovery solutions to ensure the security of customer data.

Accumulating Greater Influence

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Online Devices


Export Countries




Message Arrival

More Add-valued Service

Telpo OS

Telpo UI

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Instantly Deploys A

"Cloud + Terminal" Business System
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