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Experience the Power of Smart Commerce with SoftPOS

Big Market for SoftPOS

The global digital payment market is expected to reach $236.10 billion by 2028. The software POS is a new development in the mobile payments market, suitable for any market with high penetration of contactless and mobile wallet payments. SoftPOS solution embeds payment functionality into mobile devices, providing a flexible and convenient payment method for retail and business industries, promoting digital payments and improving the payment experience.

What is SoftPOS

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Why Use a SoftPOS solution

Embrace the Future with Telpo’s SoftPOS Solutions, bridging the Gap between Physical and Digital Payments  and Unlocking the potential of ontactless payments

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Less Friction at the Point of Sale

Queues are long at the cashier desks with traditional POS terminals, merchants open up SoftPOS terminals. With a quick tap, customers can pay for their goods and be on their way

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Transform the Way Payments Are Taken

The SoftPOS solution can be quickly and easily deployed on Telpo smart devices, enabling merchants to immediately accept contactless payments , thus enhancing customer convenience

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Easy to Integrate

Since the SoftPOS is based on the Android OS, it can allow integration of other business applications with the payment functionality

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No Need for Expensive Extra Hardware

SoftPOS offers the unserved and underserved merchants a solution for accepting contactless payments, while SMEs can get abetter alternative to traditional Pos terminals

All Sectors Benefit From SoftPOS Technology

The deployment of software POS solutions facilitate the integration of value-added services for merchants and consumers, in many areas of the payment industry.

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At Table

Multiply payment options and combine contactless payments and digital vouchers

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Retail Shop

Streamline queues and improve the purshasing experience

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More convenient and faster payment method for the express delivery industry

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In Transports

Maximise fare revenue in the
transportation sector

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At Events

Create a seamless customer experience by accepting digital payment.

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For Charity

Facilitate donation through extended payment acceptance means

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