Case Share | Telpo Mobile POS M1 Makes Parking Charges Easier

According to the research data, handheld parking ticket machines can reduce the time spent on parking payments by up to 50% and increase parking enforcement efficiency by up to 25%. Recently, Telpo mobile POS terminal M1 has been applied in parking lots and streamlined parking charge operations.

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Telpo mobile POS can make parking charges easier in parking lots.

How does Telpo handheld parking ticket machine M1 play its role in parking charges?

The parking ticket billing machine makes parking charges much easier and more efficient. The parking process can be completed in just 4 steps, and thus parkers’ waiting time is minimized and flow efficiency is improved.

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The work flows for car parking using Telpo mobile POS M1

Step 1: The parker drives his car entering the parking lot, and the operator uses the mobile POS terminal to input the license plate number, entry time, date, etc. and gives the ticket to parker

Step 2: The parker gives his ticket to the operator when leaving.

Step 3: The operator scans the QR code on the ticket with his mobile POS terminal, and the handheld parking ticket machine will calculate the total parking time and the amount charged.

Step 4: The parker pays to operator and leaves.

What benefits does the handheld parking ticket machine bring?

  1. Improved parking efficiency. Telpo mobile POS M1 greatly saves time spent on parking charges. Operators don’t have to calculate parking fees manually, which reduces the chance of error and ensures reasonable and transparent fee charges.
  2. Enhanced parker satisfaction. With the Telpo M1 used as a parking ticket device, the operation process is streamlined and parkers spend less time on parking payments. Therefore, cars are less likely to get stuck at the parking lot exit. A more efficient and faster parking experience will be brought to parkers.
  3. Efficient management. The mobile parking charge device will record the data automatically and comprehensively, and managers can check the transaction history at any time to conduct more efficient management.

Introduction of the Telpo handheld parking ticket machine M1

Telpo M1 is a multifunctional mobile POS terminal that supports quick print and quick charge and offers multiple payment options including NFC, QR codes, etc. Equipped with a 6-inch touchscreen, this Telpo device is easy to carry and allows operators to move around freely to charge parking fees.

  1. 80mm/s high-speed printing. With a high-speed print engine built-in, Telpo mobile POS M1 can provide quick ticket printing with a speed of 80mm/s. The paper roll size of 58*40mm brings both parkers and operators a clear visual experience.
  2. Support multiple languages. Telpo handheld parking ticket machine M1 supports multilingual printing and is able to serve people from a wide variety of people.
  3. Various payment options. Telpo M1 has an NFC built-in and is GMS-certified, which makes it a SoftPOS to get available to more mobile payment options, such as bankcards, NFC cards, e-wallets, QR codes, etc.
  4. Smooth operation and full connectivity. Running on an Android 12 OS, Telpo mobile POS M1 has a powerful performance enabling smooth operation. By supporting e-SIM, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc., stable communications are ensured.

Telpo handheld parking ticket machine M1 has been applied in parking lots in South America for some time and won the recognition of parking lot owners. As a smart terminal and solution provider founded in 1999, Telpo has been dedicated to creating a colorful future. In addition to mobile POS M1, Telpo has launched the parking POS TPS320, EFTPOS TPS900, etc. as well as the dedicated parking solution. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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