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In today’s rapidly evolving retail landscape, technology plays a fundamental role in shaping the success and growth of businesses. From warehouse to in-store, from streamlining operations to enhancing customer experience, the Telpo Retail Solution can help retailers stay competitive in a rapidly changing market and drive business growth.

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What challenges are retailers facing currently?

  1. Heavy inventory management tasks

Retailers are facing huge inventory management tasks. Effectively managing inventory can be challenging for retailers, especially when dealing with seasonal fluctuations and changing consumer preferences. Both overstocking and understocking can lead to lost sales and increased costs. Relying on manual labor to manage inventory can easily cause errors.

  • Customer retention

As e-commerce is rising, more customers are turning to convenient online shopping, which significantly increases the competition for brick-and-mortar retailers. They need to spend more effort to provide a higher-quality customer experience to enhance customer loyalty and retain more customers.

  • Shifting customer behaviors

Consumer preferences and shopping habits are rapidly evolving. For example, customers prefer self-service checkout and contactless payments after the COVID-19 Pandemic. Retailers must invest in the right technologies and adapt their strategies to meet these changing demands.

Standing as a pioneering provider of cutting-edge retail technology terminals and solutions, Telpo has been consistently delivering innovative and robust tools that empower businesses to thrive in an increasingly competitive market. By virtue of 24-year manufacturing and customization experience, Telpo has established a retail solution that covers multiple scenarios and revolutionizes the way retailers operate and engage with their customers.

Telpo Retail Solution

Warehouse: Inventory management

Inventory management is the initial and essential loop in the retail scenarios. A professional and powerful data collection terminal is effective for warehouse staffs to manage items in a high efficiency. Staff can easily identify the commodities by simply scanning the barcodes using a handheld terminal with a barcode scanner built-in. The high inventory management efficiency provides real-time visibility into inventory levels, helping retailers optimize stock levels, avoid stockouts, and reduce overstocking.

Related product: Telpo P8L

The Telpo P8L is a portable Android data collection specifically designed for logistics transportation and warehousing. With a only 5-inch touchscreen, it’s small enough to fit in the pocket and is easy to carry. By virtue of the 1D/2D barcode reader, the device can satisfy all data collection and decoding needs in the actual application.

Warehouse: Access control

The unauthorized entry may lead to theft and damage to goods stored in the warehouse. Restricting access to the warehouse can help to reduce the risk of commodity loss and personnel injuries. Installing a face recognition machine can efficiently and effectively identify authorized and unauthorized personnel, which ensures warehouse security. The face recognition machine can identify in 1 second and delivers a seamless identity verification experience.

Related product: Telpo TPS980

By equipping a binocular camera, the 8-inch access control terminal can support live detection, and accurately identify in darkness. It can lead to efficient access control with a validation time of less than 0.4 seconds per user and a high accuracy of 99.5%.

In-store: Checkout and payment

As technology develops, customers put forward a higher demand for checkout and payment experience. At the same time, retailers require to satisfy the various needs of a wide range of customers. A wide variety of terminals are required to accept multiple payments from customers.

Telpo can offer a great range of POS terminals, both handheld and desktop, to adapt to different application scenarios. The Telpo C8 is an Android desktop POS that can provide an easy-to-operate user experience and convenient customer experience. Running on the Android 12 OS and offering rich interfaces, the Telpo C8 can keep smooth all-day operation and be compatible with other POS accessories.

The EFT POS with full certifications, TPS900, can accept multiple payments covering credit cards, magnetic stripe cards, NFC, QR codes, e-wallets, etc. It is a useful tool to provide seamless payment experiences for both retailers and customers.

In-store: Self-service

Self-service has become a more popular checkout option as it empowers customers and gives them a sense of control over their shopping experience. Besides, self-checkout allows customers to avoid waiting in long lines at the checkout and minimizes their overall shopping time. Therefore, it’s cost-effective for retailers to deploy self-service kiosks in their stores. Telpo can offer a wide variety of kiosk options covering different screen sizes and function configurations. Retailers can allocate their resources more efficiently, and customers can enjoy a better checkout experience.

Why choose Telpo?

  1. Reliable hardware quality. Telpo can offer a wide variety of smart terminals for customers to select from. Telpo hardware has passed a series of texts and is reliable enough.
  2. Professional team. Telpo’s professional team provides 7X24 hours of service to help customers complete projects more quickly.
  3. Excellent ODM. With 200+ R&D personnel and 500+ ODM cases, Telpo has rich experience in customization.
  4. Intelligent platform services. The Telpo AI MDM, Telpo APP Store, and Telpo OS give Telpo users an easy-to-operate experience.

Welcome to contact us for more details. Let’s embrace the future of smart retail!

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