Canteen Automation System Reduces Food Waste

The food waste problem has been a worldwide issue. According to the data, 1/3 of food worldwide is wasted each year and the amount can achieve 931 million tons. The canteen is one of the most common places where food waste occurs. Luckily, the canteen automation system is turning the canteen into a greener place.

smart canteen desktop smart terminal

As an industry-leading smart terminal and solution provider, Telpo has introduced the automatic settlement system to the Telpo canteen, elevating staff dining efficiency, improving the dining experience and reducing food waste.

Buffet process using the canteen automation system

Step 1: Binding identity

Users are required to bind their identities with plates before picking up food when using the smart canteen’s automatic settlement system. There are 3 options for customers to bind their identities, respectively scanning QR codes on the tray, swiping NFC cards and face recognition.

What’s worth mentioning, in terms of the face recognition method, it’s with the help of the Telpo smart desktop terminal, TPS650, to bind identities. Customers just need to place the tray in the designated position and smile for the camera of the device, and they can bind their identities with the tray and personal accounts in 1 second.

Step 2: Buffet

During the buffet process, customers place their trays on the automatic RFID identification weighing platform and can choose the dishes and quantities they like. What and how many dishes are taken, unit price, total price and the nutritional composition will be displayed on the screen next to the dishes, which make it easy for customers to view what and how much they have consumed.

Step 3: Seamless payment

After customers finish the dish selection, they don’t need to pay manually and the consumption fees will be deducted from their accounts. On the mini program, customers can check their consumption bills and diet reports.

How the canteen automation system helps reduce food waste?

Diners take their meals on demand

Instead of the traditional method that there are specialized persons responsible for food serving, the self-service method is more beneficial to food saving because they can estimate how much they’ll eat and take how much they need.

Telpo introducing a smart canteen automatic settlement system is a practice of food saving. After applying the buffet pattern in the Telpo canteen, food waste has been greatly reduced and staff awareness of food conservation has been greatly increased.

Personalized dishes offering

The accurate recording of each dish helps canteen operators get a clearer understanding of customers’ food preferences and provides more popular dishes for customers. The more tailored the dishes are to the customer’s taste, the more food waste is avoided.

Telpo attaches great importance to staff happiness. Telpo’s canteen automation system not only reduces food waste but also elevates the staff dining experience and wins the praise of staff.

Reduce waiting time

As the smart canteen system can quickly, accurately and automatically price the dishes, the food taking process is efficient. The dish taking process is short and reduces customers’ waiting time. Staff don’t have to wait standing in a long line.

Elevate dining experience

The automatic settlement system lets customers better know their dining habits and timely adjust according to the dining report pushed by the mini program. It’s useful for staff to develop healthy diet habits.

With the mission of creating a colorful future, Telpo has been focusing on customer demands and launching products that improve user experience. Telpo has developed a wide variety of smart terminals and solutions covering various industries to achieve its mission. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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