How AI Is Transforming Retail And Catering?

The Chat GPT is once again bringing artificial intelligence back into the picture. In fact, AI is already transforming the retail and catering industry long before without even realizing it.


What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI is a technology that stimulates human intelligence and contains various aspects like machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, computer vision and so on. By mimicking the way the human brain works, artificial intelligence can carry out image recognition, voice recognition, target detection, translation, interaction with humans and other tasks. For example, the GPT-4 is a generative pre-trained transformer model and can conduct interactive chats with humans.

How AI is transforming retail?

The lack of labor and higher labor costs have been urgent problems for retailers. The appearance of artificial intelligence offers chances for retailers to achieve automation, reduce labor costs, streamline processes, improve customer satisfaction, etc. A variety of AI-powered devices have been widely applied in retail sectors and retailers have enjoyed the benefits.

AI shopping cart

Amazon launched its AI shopping cart, Dash Cart, in 2020. Before, customers load goods into traditional shopping carts and then push the carts to the checkout area to finish their shopping trips. The creation of Dash Carts is another advance of Amazon in how to apply artificial intelligence and automation to offline retail scenarios.

What AI-powered shopping carts apply is computer vision algorithm and sensor fusion technology. As soon as activating the AI shopping carts, customers just start their immersive shopping tours. The camera can identify the items using the CV algorithm as they are placed in the cart. Besides, customers can check out and pay for their goods just through the carts instead of pushing the carts to the cashier area.

AI shopping carts provide high-efficient real-time interactions for customers and save their time waiting in line to check out. Personalized product recommendations and shopping area navigation will also be provided to customers to help them obtain a satisfactory shopping experience.

AI shelf

AI shelf uses RFID and visual identification as core technologies and can provide great convenience for retailers to streamline operations. Thanks to RFID sensors, AI shelves can accurately detect when products need to be restocked and transfer the information to the clerk in time, and thus clerk can achieve real-time inventory tracking.

What’s more, AI shelves can generate reports automatically and allow operators to get access to real-time data. Therefore, operators are able to monitor the sales of goods and develop effective promotion strategies.

AI checkout

Artificial intelligence has been widely applied in checkout to automate and optimize the checkout process. The AI-powered cash register can identify item varieties, weigh weights, and count total prices as soon as customers put the items on the scale. With an AI-powered cash register, customers can finish their shopping process on their own instead of waiting for cashiers to identify items one by one and proceed with transactions. This kind of cash register benefits from computer vision technology and machine learning.


As a smart terminal provider standing ahead of retail technology, Telpo has launched an AI cash register, C20. It adopts an all-in-one design and is equipped with a 15.6-inch touchscreen, a wide-angle object recognition camera, stainless steel scale, a QR-code scanner, an NFC reader, etc. Telpo C20 can identify items quickly and accurately, providing a high-efficient one-stop shopping experience for customers.

The AI-powered cash register launched by Telpo has been applied in produce areas of supermarkets and markets, helping staff and operators improve efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

AI delivery

Home delivery service is winning wider popularity among retailers. Applying artificial intelligence in delivery perfectly saves the problem of higher costs brought on by the lack of labor. Autonomous delivery vehicles can independently deliver packages without the need for human drivers. These AI-powered vehicles greatly improve delivery efficiency and reduce costs.


Telpo has also participated in the AI-powered delivery vehicles project of HAOMO, a leading autonomous driving company in China. Telpo customized a container that can be installed in unmanned vehicles. The container is equipped with a TOF sensor and can determine whether to return by detecting whether there are items in it. This AI-powered vehicle can realize unmanned delivery within 5km, benefiting both retailers and surrounding residents.

How AI is transforming catering?

Like the retail industry, catering is an industry requiring lots of labor. The advance of artificial intelligence helps operators in the catering industry a lot, by streamlining operations, reducing labor costs, etc.

AI ordering

AI ordering uses artificial intelligence to proceed with the ordering process by making it automated. The AI ordering system can deal with the orders automatically as soon as customers place their orders on self-service kiosks. At the same time, by using machine learning algorithms, the AI ordering system can analyze data based on previous orders, dietary preferences, etc., and provide personalized recommendations for customers, which can enhance customer satisfaction and increase sales.

Telpo_Telpo Kiosk customized for McDonalds

In addition to improving the customer experience, the self-service kiosks combined with an AI ordering system can help operators identify trends and patterns in customer behaviors and the busiest times of day, and thus operators are able to conduct more efficient management and more reasonable arrangement of labors.


Many world-renown fast food restaurants have introduced artificial intelligence ordering and taken advantage of self-service for a long time. Telpo has been a reliable self-service kiosk provider for McDonald’s and Burger King. Telpo K20 is a 27-inch Android-based self-service kiosk, which can support receipt printing of 220mm/s, provide ample mainstream payment options, and provide vivid picture display. This self-service kiosk launched by Telpo has won recognition from McDonald’s, Burger King and many other restaurant operators.

AI robot

Robots are an outstanding example of artificial intelligence and AI delivery robots have become increasingly common in restaurants. These robots adopt sensors and machine learning algorithms to navigate through restaurants, ensuring the dishes can be accurately delivered to customers. The application of AI robots in restaurants brings a sense of novelty to customers as well as reduces the labor costs of restaurant operators.

Telpo_Telpo Robot used in restaurant 2

Telpo has launched 2 food delivery robots, respectively Telpo R55 and Telpo R6. Telpo robots have been used in restaurants and won lots of praise from both customers and restaurant operators. Featuring automatic obstacle avoidance, SLAM positioning, and automatic recharging, the Telpo robot is just like an obedient staff who doesn’t need the managers to worry.

Smart kitchen


Artificial intelligence has been playing a more important role in smart restaurants. The KDS (Kitchen Display System) has been an efficiency-enhancing tool to connect the front and back kitchen. In addition to displaying the orders in a digital way, the KDS also can order the orders in an intelligent way, such as merging items of the same type, which can streamline operations and reduce the workload of chefs.

Smart canteen

AI checkout technology mentioned above can be applied in canteens, too. The AI-powered cash registers can quickly and accurately identify the dishes and display the total prices for customers. Both customers and canteen staff don’t need to worry about counting the wrong amount of money. With contactless payment options provided, AI-powered cash registers provide a higher-efficient and cleaner consumption method for customers.

The dual-screen AI-powered cash registers launched by Telpo have been widely applied in the canteens of schools, public institutions, companies and so on. It is a multifunctional cash register that supports dishes identification, weighing, face recognition payment and many other functions. These AI-powered cash registers save employees from tedious and repetitive actions, reduce the possibilities of errors, and bring a convenient and enjoyable experience to customers.

As artificial intelligence technology develops, AI-powered devices will be more common in our daily lives. I believe that AI will be a continuous trend and empower more unmanned scenarios in the future.

Telpo is a smart terminal and solution provider founded in 1999 and keeps the mission of creating a colorful future. Telpo has launched a variety of AI-powered devices, including AI cash registers, self-service kiosks, KDS, food delivery robots, etc. Welcome to contact us for more details!

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