How Face Recognition Streamlines the Healthcare Check-in Process?

According to the latest data, there are over 33.8 thousand clinics in South Korea. To streamline patients’ treatment procedures, more medical institutions have begun to introduce face recognition technology. Therefore, the desktop smart terminal supporting face recognition is poised to transform the way patients check in at healthcare facilities.

Telpo smart cash register supports face recognition

What are the challenges of the current hospital check-in process?

  1. Long wait time

Hospital check-ins can often be time-consuming, with patients needing to fill out forms, provide identification documents, and wait in line. The complex registration and check-in process can result in long wait time and long wait queues.

  • Cumbersome medical procedures

Most current registration and identity verification processes contain filling out forms, presenting identity cards, manually entering personal information, etc., which can be not friendly to some patients, especially the elderly and those with limited mobility or cognitive impairments.

  • High labor cost

Since the process is complex, more labors need to be deployed to manually verify patient identities or assist patients in check-in. Though with high labor costs, the check-in efficiency is not high enough. Especially in South Korea with an aging population, the labor cost is higher and merchants are seeking the method of replacing human labor with machines.

Hospital face recognition check-in solution

Aiming to provide a fast, efficient, and secure way for patients to check in at hospitals, face recognition technology is applied in healthcare institutions to improve identity verification efficiency, avoid identity theft and streamline admission processes.

How desktop smart terminal supporting face recognition streamlines patient authentication?

  1. Fast face registration

Upon arrival at the hospital, new patients can register themselves by providing their personal details and scanning their face using designated desktop smart terminals. This process creates a unique face ID associated with the patient’s personal information and medical records.

  • Accurate face-recognition check-in

Patients who have previously registered can proceed with the check-in process. They simply approach a desktop smart terminal, where their face is scanned and compared to the registered face ID. If a match is found, the patient is automatically checked-in, and their relevant information is retrieved from the hospital’s database.

  • More targeted medical services

With face recognition, hospitals can quickly retrieve patient details, medical history, ongoing treatments, and allergies, enabling healthcare providers to offer personalized and targeted medical services. This information helps ensure that patients receive appropriate treatments and medication tailored to their specific needs.

Benefits of introducing desktop smart terminals in hospital check-in

  1. Improved patient identity verification efficiency

Traditional check-in procedures involve lengthy paperwork, documentation, and verification processes. Face recognition check-in streamlines this process by automatically identifying patients, minimizing waiting times, and enabling medical staff to focus more on providing targeted care instead of administrative tasks.

  • Elevate patient experience

Face recognition check-in streamline the check-in process and enhance the overall patient experience. Patients don’t have to spend much time in fill out extensive registration forms or provide identification documents repeatedly. In addition to the time-saving and effortless registration process, personalized medical service is brought to patients by instantly retrieving patient information and medical history after face recognition.

  • Enhanced security and privacy

Face recognition systems offer robust security measures, ensuring that patient data remains confidential and protected. Traditional methods, such as presenting an ID card or manually entering personal information, can be prone to errors or fraudulent activities. This fosters trust and confidence in the healthcare facility, contributing to a positive patient experience.

Telpo Desktop Smart POS Terminal, C8

The Telpo C8 is a desktop smart terminal with a stylish appearance and powerful performance. With a single-lens, dual-lens or 3D depth sensing camera optional, this Telpo desktop smart terminal is suitable to be used in healthcare institutions for efficient patient identity registration and check-in.


  1. Performant processor for smooth operation. Powered by RK3399 or Qualcomm processor scheme, the terminal can keep smooth operation for a long time.
  2. 99.5% face recognition accuracy. The high face recognition accuracy effectively ensures check-in accuracy and avoids patient identity faults.
  3. Validation time0.4s/user. The Telpo C8 can quickly validate patient identities in 0.4 seconds, which greatly streamlines the check-in process.
  4. Multiple dual-screen options. Various screen combination options are provided, covering single-screen and dual-screen, portrait type and landscape type and different screen sizes.

Founded in 1999, Telpo has 24-year experience in providing smart terminals and solutions.

Telpo’s rich experience in serving medical institutions

  1. Telpo kiosks used for self-service check-in

Telpo kiosks have been deployed at the entrance for patients to self-service appointments and pay. Patients can freely select the medical texts they want and pay for the fees. The self-service method saves much time and effort for patients and improves the working efficiency of hospitals.

  • Telpo desktop smart terminal used for identity verification

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Telpo desktop smart terminal D2 has been widely applied in hospitals, hotels, entertainment venue entrances, etc., to validate visitor identities in a contactless method. Welcome to contact us for more details. We have the confidence to boost your business!

In addition to the rich experience in serving medical institutions, Telpo face recognition devices have been exported overseas and won wide recognition, which is strong evidence to prove that Telpo has the mature face recognition technology and experience. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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