How Handheld Android POS Makes Restaurant Service More Efficient?

Ordering and checkout are key parts of restaurant service. It’s important for restaurant owners to get these processes streamlined if they would like to improve work efficiency and elevate customer satisfaction. The handheld POS with printer is thought to be the most cost-effective solution.

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Challenges that restaurateurs are facing

  1. Rising staffing costs

The labor shortage is always a problem for restaurant operators. As the staffing cost rises, restaurant operators are seeking a solution to completing work tasks with fewer laborers.

  • Tedious ordering and checkout steps

In many restaurants, the tedious ordering and checkout process requires the attendants to walk back and forth between the desktop POS terminal and the customer table. This ordering and checkout process is time-consuming and low-efficient.

  • Long waiting time

Most customers seek a high serving speed in restaurants, the long waiting time easily causes dissatisfaction of customers. Especially in peak hours, the low-efficiency process without the help of technology makes the restaurants prone to a mess.

It’s no longer practical to continue the handwritten notes to convey the ordering and payment details. The printing is of growing importance.

There are two methods to achieve the printing function with the Android POS, respectively the built-in method and the external method. The former refers to that there is already a printer built into the POS terminal when it’s produced, and the latter refers to that users need to purchase an additional printer and connect it to the Point-of-Sale terminals.

These two methods have their own advantages. However, the handheld POS with printer is recognized as the most cost-effective ordering and payment solution in the application scenario of restaurants.

What is a handheld POS with printer?

Its name tells everything. The handheld POS with printer refers to the handheld Android POS terminal with a printer built in. This kind of terminal is a multifunctional device, which not only supports payment but also printing. Users can fulfill all the functions they need during the restaurant service process with only a handheld Android terminal at hand.

Why a handheld POS with printer is the best choice for restaurants?

  1. Reduce the time of walking back and forth

Now many restaurants offer the service of order-at-table and pay-at-table. The purpose of this kind of service is to provide more convenience for customers in the ordering and checkout process. The waiters bring their handheld Android POS and can serve the customers. If there is no printer built into the handheld POS, the waiters still need to take the paper that prints the ordering details or receipts at the counter where an external printer is placed. The waiters need to spend more time walking back and forth, which adds inconvenience.

  • Higher accuracy with no more handwritten notes

With a handheld POS with printer, servers no longer have to write down customers’ order details and transmit them to the back kitchen by shouting or placing random notes. The streamlined ordering process reduces error probability and improves accuracy. The servers can get access to the real-time dish availability through their handheld Android POS and can tell customers what they can choose instantly. The streamlined process elevates customer experience.

  • Staff can take on more job responsibilities

The handheld Android POS makes fewer staff needed. Only one cashier is enough to work at the counter to be in charge of the desktop POS terminal and other staff can take on other job responsibilities. With a handheld Android terminal, staff can be flexibly deployed to complete other tasks. At the same time, restaurateurs can save more staffing costs.

Choose the reliable handheld POS with printer manufacturer

It’s important for restaurant operators to select a reliable handheld Android POS manufacturer to ensure the product quality and subsequent use.

Telpo is an Android POS terminal and solution provider with 24 years of manufacturing and customization experience. Telpo has developed a wide variety of handheld POS with printer to satisfy the ordering and payment needs of the catering industry.

  • P8 with printer
Telpo_Telpo P8 with a printer used in a bakery store

P8 with printer is a compact POS terminal that integrates multiple functions of accepting payments, printing, etc. The built-in 58mm printer supports multilingual printing and image printing. Additionally, the Telpo P8 with printer has obtained full certifications including PCI, EMV, EMV contactless, etc., to guarantee payment security.

  • Telpo M1
Telpo_M1 双色 不带字

The Telpo M1 is a handheld Android POS with a 58mm printer built-in and has been applied in catering scenarios like restaurants, snack bars, small stores, etc. Running on Android 12 OS, this Telpo mobile POS has a powerful performance and delivers a smooth user experience. Certified by GMS, users can get access to more Google apps and enjoy better services.

Telpo is an experienced smart terminal and solution provider and has cooperated with world-renowned brands like Alibaba, McDonald’s, Burger King, AEON Mall, etc., and won their recognition. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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