How To Provide The Best Payment Experience?

It’s obvious the world is moving towards a cashless society. If there are still stores not supporting contactless payment, they must be saying goodbye to profits. How to provide the best payment experience for customers becomes the topic of most concern currently.

Telpo_TPS900 Payment Terminal
Telpo EFT POS TPS900 is providing payment experience in convenience stores.

Before you start offering payment services, you need to know what the payment experience that customers prefer is like.

What payment experience is favored by customers?

Flexible payment options. The payment industry is revolutionizing at a high speed, and customers have various payment habits. The mainstream payment methods are credit cards, QR codes, NFC cards, digital wallets, etc. The more payment options offered by business operators, the more convenience your customers enjoy.

Secure payments. Payment security is an important issue concerned by customers. According to the report, nearly 50% of American cardholders have experienced credit card fraud. If you can’t protect the security of customers’ sensitive transaction data, you will lose the trust from them.

Efficient payments. Time is money and I think maybe no customer can suffer a time-consuming payment process. The low-efficient payment process not only annoys customers but also makes customers doubt whether the payment is reliable or not.

How to provide a satisfying payment experience for customers?

  • Purchase a reliable payment terminal to maximize payment security.

The certification is obvious and important evidence to judge whether a card reader is secure or not. PCI and EMV are two credible standards to ensure payment security. PCI is the data security standard developed by Payment Card Industry Council. EMV refers to Europay, Mastercard, and Visa and these 3 companies create the payment terminal and card standard. Obtaining PCI and EMV certifications means the payment terminals achieve a high-security level.

  • Purchase a high-performant payment terminal.

Performance matters in the smooth operations of the payment terminals and therefore it’s essential to select a payment terminal with powerful performance. The terminal that supports high performance has a higher payment processing speed, shorter response time and smoother operations than the payment terminals with poor performance.

  • Provide more payment options

The first meaning of this advice is that the payment terminal you introduce is supposed to integrate various payment methods. Various payment options are able to satisfy all payment needs of customers. The second meaning is that more than 1 terminal to accept payments is better. Especially in peak hours, more than 1 payment terminal can divert customer flow.

Imagine that you are running a restaurant that is very popular. During peak hours, there are long queues at the cash register and the customers are getting annoyed. If you only rely on the cash register to check out, you may have no chance to change this situation. Things will go differently if there is a handheld POS terminal. The free waiters can check out for the customers using mobile POS so that customers don’t have to wait for a long time.

  • Use brands to reinforce trust

Printing your brand logo on the receipts can enhance the trust of customers for they can clearly know that the payments are accepted by the business operators rather than others. Besides, the more times the brand logo appears, the more possible that customers will return to purchase your products and services. The survey data shows that customers can recognize a brand logo after they see it 5 to 7 times. That’s why you had better choose a payment terminal that supports image printing.

It’s important to choose a reliable payment terminal provider that can provide high-quality products and perfect maintenance and after-sales services. Telpo is a smart terminal and solution provider with 24-year experience and has developed a wide variety of payment terminals.

Smart EFT POS, TPS900

Telpo_TPS900 multiple payment methods
Telpo EFT POS TPS900 supports multiple payment methods

TPS900 is a handheld EFT POS running on Android 10 OS and supports multiple payment methods including credit card chip cards, magnetic cards, NFC, QR codes and digital wallets. This POS terminal is secure enough to proceed with payments by passing full certifications such as PCI 6.X, EMV, Paywave, Paypass, MIR, RuPay, PURE, UnionPay, etc.

Android Point of Sale, Telpo C8

Telpo_Telpo C8 payment module
Telpo C8 can provide a good payment experience by supporting credit card and face recognition

Telpo C8 is a smart cash register with powerful performance running on Android 11 OS. It adopts a modular design to embed a credit card reader or face recognition camera. In virtue of rich interfaces, this desktop POS terminal Telpo C8 also can be connected to various POS accessories. Plusing its stylish appearance, Telpo C8 can provide an enjoyable payment experience for customers.

Telpo is sincere to be your cooperative partner. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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