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Customers are seeking an efficient and positive interactive experiences than ever. To enhance customer satisfaction, large supermarkets have deployed self-service kiosks. However, most small shops are still hesitant because of limited space. Luckily, Telpo’s latest-launched compact kiosk, Telpo K13, can be their perfect choice.


Equipped with an 11.6-inch touchscreen, this Telpo kiosk only takes up 37.5 cm² and leaves plenty of room on the checkout counter. It weighs only 3.5kg, which is effortless to install and maintain. Good things come in small packages. The compact Telpo K13 obtains multiple functions covering an NFC reader, barcode scanner, 3D structured light camera, printer, etc. Taking up small space and offering full self-service payment options, the Telpo K13 should be your first choice!

  1. Small size to fit small checkout counter

The Telpo K13 takes up only 37.5 cm² and doesn’t occupy much space at the checkout counter. Equipped with an 11.6-inch HD IPS display, this latest Telpo kiosk can vividly show the items and deliver an attractive visual experience. With the 5.5-inch secondary screen optional, it can be flexibly applied for both manned checkout and unmanned checkout.

  • Multiple payment options

Equipped with a laser scanner, NFC reader and 3D structured light camera, the Telpo kiosk K13 can offer multiple contactless payment options to satisfy the various needs of customers.

  • Efficient barcode scanning. The built-in laser scanner can decode both 1D codes and 2D codes and brings a high decoding efficiency of both barcodes and payment codes.
  • Fast NFC reading. With an NFC reader built-in, the Telpo kiosk K13 can quickly accept contactless payments and mobile payments using cards or digital wallets.
  • Frictionless face recognition. Equipped with a 3D structured light camera, accurate face payments can be done in seconds.
  • Seamless and convenient printing

Equipped with a 58mm thermal printer with a cutter, the Telpo self-service kiosk K13 can deliver a seamless and efficient receipt printing experience. With the external open-bin design, easy replacement and maintenance can be easily done.

  • Effortless installation

Different businesses have different installation requirements. Telpo can offer desktop and wall-mount brackets and business operators can flexibly choose the installation method they prefer. The installation is effortless and robust enough for the long-time service.

The compact self-service kiosk K13 can provide more benefits than you expect. Telpo has the confidence that the Telpo K13 can become the first choice of any retail scenario, especially the chain convenience stores and small stores. In addition to standard kiosks, Telpo can provide kiosk customization to tailor the most suitable device for your business. To enhance user experience, Telpo offers full platform services covering Telpo MDM, Telpo APP Store and Telpo OS. Welcome to contact us for more details. Telpo is dedicated to being your reliable cooperative partner.

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