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Most people are unwilling to spend much time in restaurants or canteens. In fact, most time they spend lining up to pay rather than enjoying their food. This poor dining experience has a negative effect on both customers and restaurants. The AI vision checkout terminal C50 is launched in this context.


What is the AI Vision checkout terminal?

The AI vision checkout terminal is a self-service device that utilizes artificial intelligence and computer vision to complete an automatic object identification and checkout process.

By applying an AI identification dish automatic terminal, there is no need for cashiers to remember menu prices, inspect each item on the tray, manually add them up and show the bills to customers. It offers a self-service method for customers to check out. They just need to place the trays on the designated position of the device and the AI vision checkout terminal can automatically identify each dish, search the price, display the bill and accept the payments from customers.

To release the full potential of the AI checkout system, hardware is of great importance. Telpo’s latest-launched AI vision checkout terminal C50 is your ideal hardware solution.

  1. Higher processing efficiency by Qualcomm chip scheme

Adopting the Qualcomm chip scheme, the Telpo C50 is running on an octa-core CPU and supports up to Android 13 OS. The high configuration makes the terminal compatible with mainstream AI-based item recognition software and deep learning algorithms. The Adreno 642L GPU can complete more complex visual-processing tasks and up to 12 TOPS of AI computing power can deliver a faster data transfer and maximize performance.

  • 2 seconds of identification speed and 99.5% accuracy

The speedy automatic checkout process is the key to customer satisfaction. Compatible with advanced item recognition algorithms, the identification speed of the Telpo C50 can be limited to 2 seconds and the object recognition accuracy can be up to 99.5%, which makes the overall efficiency increased by 3 times.

  • Flexible modular design and less packaging costs

The Telpo C50 adopts a modular design and offers a wide range of flexible function combinations. Customers can freely choose a single-screen or dual-screen, high-speed photographic apparatus, common object identification camera, no weighing scale, with weighing scale, etc. The separate packaging is easy for users to install and saves packaging costs.

  • Simple self-payment

This Telpo AI vision checkout terminal is suitable for both unattended self-service and manned checkout scenarios. Multiple payment options are available to facilitate customers to self-pay. They can flexibly choose to pay by QR codes, NFC cards, or face recognition.

  • Multiple application scenarios

The Telpo C50 can recognize a wide range of product varieties covering produce and fresh food, self-filling concepts, non-food, etc. No matter in fruit stores, bakery stores, fruit stores, self-service restaurants or supermarkets, the Telpo AI vision checkout terminal can play its role.

Founded in 1999, Telpo has 24 years of customization and manufacturing experience. Telpo also provides a full suite of platform services to provide a one-stop service for customers. Welcome to contact us for more details. Telpo has the confidence to be a reliable partner to boost your business.

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