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How essential a smart POS terminal is in the increasingly fierce retail industry? If you are still clueless about purchasing a desktop POS terminal, the stylish, high-performance and easy-to-use 8-inch smart terminal, the Telpo M8, may amaze you!


Let’s take a closer look at the Telpo M8, the latest smart POS terminal!

With a novel and stylish appearance, the obsidian black smart terminal can be integrated into modern business scenarios. Adopting the dual-display design, the Telpo M8 pushes customer interactions to the next level.

Sleek design and improved display effect.

  • 8-inch main screen with 800*1280 resolution. Adopting GFF technology, the Telpo M8 obtains an 8-inch customer display with a 3mm narrow bezel and can display more contents. The screen brightness achieves the semi-outdoor level so that Telpo smart POS can satisfy demands of the scenarios like food trucks.
  • 3.27-inch customer-facing color screen. The dual-screen design can effectively improve interactions with customers. On the secondary display, customers know the exact payment amount or have the choice to pay by scanning QR codes. Besides, merchants can update the promotion information or advertisements on the secondary screen to enhance loyalty.

200% improved performance. 

In virtue of the advanced chip scheme, Telpo smart POS terminal has a 200% improved performance running on Quad-Core 2.0GHz Processor and Android 12 OS. The processing speed of the Telpo M8 is 3 times faster than the average POS and its app start-up speed is 15% faster. Backed up by high performance, Telpo smart POS terminal M8 helps merchants handle all tasks without hassle, even in peak hours.


Max 110mm/s printing speed. 

With a high-speed printer built-in, merchants get available to speedy printing at the max speed of 110mm/s. Users could complete multiple printing tasks including multilingual printing, image printing, and QR code printing. The printing performance of Telpo M8 has been improved by 50%.


Seamless checkout experience. The current popular payment methods are supported by Telpo smart POS terminal M8, covering NFC, SoftPOS and QR codes. The intuitive function divisions make customers clearly know where they are supposed to place their NFC cards or smartphones. The tilt angle lets customers not have to make frequent angle adjustments and delivers a friendly and efficient payment experience.

More user-friendly designs. 

Telpo M8 integrates more user-friendly designs to streamline user operations and release more productivity.

  • Functional key. There is a functional key in the upper right of the device and users can define the functions according to their needs, such as repeating printing or QR code scanning. When pressing it, users could complete the self-defined functions without conducting other operations. This small key greatly improves business efficiency.
  • Rich enough ports. Telpo M8 contains 1 Type-C, 4 USB, 2 RJ11, and 1 RJ45. These ports allow users to connect this desktop POS terminal with other devices to extend functions.

Easier tax control.

Tax compliance is an important issue for retailers and the Telpo M8 makes them no longer troublesome. The latest Telpo POS specifically designed a cabin body to place the fiscal memory. Physical and electronic tamper-proof is supported, which protects the data to the maximum. The external RTC circuit ensures the time is preserved precisely.


Of course! In addition to the reliable POS hardware, Telpo provides the corresponding platform services for users to enjoy a hassle-free experience. Telpo APP Store provides a platform with rich software resources and users could download the apps they need there. Telpo AI MDM allows users to manage their devices in a more efficient method.


Telpo M8 is a smart POS terminal designed for retail and catering scenarios. Combing high-quality hardware and perfect platform services, Telpo has the confidence to make you satisfied. With 24-year manufacturing and customization experience, Telpo has served customers from 120+ countries and won wide recognition. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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