November | Win in Retail Golden Quarter with Telpo

The fourth quarter of each year is the essential sales period for retailers and is called the Golden Quarter. This period includes some important festivals and promotions, such as Halloween, Double 11, Black Friday, Christmas, etc. It is a time when retailers can make a majority of their yearly profits if they prepare. Read and know how Telpo POS helps you win in the Retail Golden Quarter.

The success of retailers in the Golden Quarter depends on whether they can improve in-store efficiency, streamline warehouse management, provide customers with a better shopping experience and enhance their loyalty.

To catch the opportunity of Retail Golden Quarter, use the Telpo POS!

Fast checkout, utilize Telpo desktop POS
Desktop POS is the traditional checkout manner. In addition to accepting payments, the desktop POS can be combined with the member management system to achieve membership cards, coupons, points and other functions to enhance customer loyalty and re-purchase rates.

Telpo_c8 waterprint

Related Telpo POS: Telpo C8
1.Powerful performance: Android 13 OS, Octa-Core CPU.
2.Four screen options: 15.6” single display, 15.6”+15.6” dual display, 15.6”+10.1”, and 15.6-inch+Nixie tube.
3.Multi-payment: NFC payment, QR code payment, and face payment are optional.

Scale up checkout capacity, install Telpo kiosks
Self-checkout kiosks are very efficient tools. They can be a great complement to the traditional checkout method by just taking up dedicated store space. Telpo offers a wide variety of self-service kiosks of different screen sizes.

Telpo_aeon supermarket

1.Multiple contactless payment options. Telpo kiosks support NFC payment (support SoftPOS), QR code payment, and face payment. Most payment needs can be well satisfied.
2.Stable performance. Running on Android OS and a powerful processor, Telpo kiosks enable long-time and high-frequency operation.
3.Flexible installation. Customers can freely select the most suitable installation method with optional brackets including wall-mounted, countertop and floor-standing.

Flexible payment options, apply Telpo mobile POS
Mobile POS is a flexible method as it can be easily enabled or disabled during busy or less busy periods. Mobile devices require minimal space and allow in-store staff to circulate the stores and accept payments from customers. This mobile checkout method shortens customers’ checkout time and elevates customer experience.

Telpo_m1 mobile pos

Related Telpo POS: Telpo M1
1.Stylish appearance. Lightweight, optional orange and grey appearance color to adapt to different application scenarios.
2.Multiple payment options. QR code payment and NFC payment (support SoftPOS).
3.Quick receipt printing. 80mm/s printing speed brought by the 58mm thermal printer built-in.

Efficient inventory management, use Telpo Android PDA
The Android PDA is a useful tool for tracking real-time inventory during the busy holiday seasons. Taking advantage of data analytics to forecast demand and optimize inventory helps avoid stockouts and overstocking and updates the stock levels, locations, and movements of goods instantly.

Telpo_warehouse scanning

Related Telpo POS: Telpo P8L
1.Compact size. 5-inch touchscreen, small enough to fit in the pocket.
2.Quick processing. Android 10 OS and Quad-Core CPU.
3.Fast decoding. 1D/2D barcode reader is optional to decode all codes.

With workloads three times higher than normal during holiday seasons, retailers must rely on advanced POS technology to give customers the same or better shopping experience to capture this Golden Quarter. Telpo is pleased to be the cooperative partner to boost your business.

Telpo has rich experience in smart terminal customizing and manufacturing. In November, Telpo attended 2 overseas exhibitions to showcase its advanced technology on bigger platforms. Let’s look back at the moments when Telpo at INA Shop in Indonesia and TRUSTECH in France!


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