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Telpo NRF


The C9 boasts fast and intelligent payment processing capabilities, while the K1 provides convenient self-service options, delivering a smoother shopping experience for customers.  


Palm Pay is leading a new trend. Telpo showcased the latest palm verification device P105 and the self-service kiosk K8 that supports palm pay at the NRF2024 exhibition. These innovative devices not only provide secure and convenient payment methods but also offer customers a smoother and more efficient shopping experience.

The introduction of palm pay technology not only enhances the security of payments but also improves the convenience and efficiency of the shopping process.


AI is gradually becoming the dominant technology in the retail industry. Telpo showcased the AI-based visual checkout terminal C50 at the NRF2024 exhibition, an innovative product that significantly streamlines the checkout process. Through AI visual technology, the C50 can rapidly and accurately identify products and complete the checkout, providing customers with a more efficient and convenient shopping experience.

Throughout the exhibition, Telpo’s team engaged with industry professionals, exchanging insights and ideas about the future of technology in retail and beyond. The positive feedback and interest from attendees reaffirmed Telpo’s position as an innovator in the field.


Telpo showcased its latest retail technology and innovative products at NRF2024, bringing new possibilities to the retail industry. Moving forward, Telpo will persist in expanding its product development initiatives, improving product competitiveness, and fostering close collaboration with ecosystem partners to consistently contribute to the evolution of new retail. See you next time!

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