Case Share: Telpo T20 Revolutionizes Intelligent Rail Transit in South America

The evolution of intelligent rail transit in South America is experiencing rapid growth. With a vision to create a vibrant future, Telpo is dedicated to enhancing the efficiency, safety, and convenience of rail transit systems in South American countries.

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Recently, Telpo T20 automatic fare collection machine, has been deployed in metro stations across South America, contributing to the establishment of intelligent metro stations.

Telpo T20: Transforming Automatic Fare Collection in South America

The Telpo validator T20 has been implemented as an automatic fare collection machine in metro stations, automating the fare collection process at entry and exit points, and accepting various payment methods.

Key Functions of Telpo T20 AFC Machine

  • Fare Collection

The Telpo T20 facilitates automatic fare deduction from passengers’ payment methods based on their destination or distance traveled, accepting NFC card payments, QR codes, digital wallets, and more.

  • Ticket Validation

Passengers can validate their tickets or payment cards by scanning them at the Telpo T20 before entering or exiting the transit system.

  • Data Collection

The Telpo T20 terminals gather data on passenger traffic, fare revenue, and usage patterns, enabling operational analysis and planning by transit authorities.

T20 bus validator

Benefits of Automatic Fare Collection Implementation

  • Enhanced Boarding Efficiency

The Telpo T20 enables swift passage through fare gates, reducing queuing time and improving boarding efficiency.

  • Fare Evasion Reduction

AFC devices minimize fare evasion, increasing ticket revenue and ensuring sustainable rail transit system operation.

  • Payment Security Enhancement

Integration with smart payment systems facilitates cashless transactions, enhancing security and convenience for passengers.

  • Operational Management Optimization

Passenger travel data gathered by AFC machines can be utilized to optimize route planning, scheduling, and operational strategies, enhancing service quality.

Telpo T20

Advantages of Telpo T20

The Telpo T20 is a stylish, robust, and modern validator designed for public transport scenarios. Additionally, Telpo and its partners are exploring innovative installation methods to deliver a seamless fare collection experience to passengers.

  • Embedded Installation

The Telpo T20 is integrated into metro station fare gates, optimizing space and ensuring operational efficiency and safety.

  • Bracket Installation

Specially designed brackets securely position the device, providing flexible and convenient access for passengers.

The Telpo T20 plays a vital role in advancing digital transformation in public transport.

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