Telpo Mobile POS M1 Now Available in 2 Colors

By virtue of its stylish appearance and powerful performance, the Telpo M1 is one of the most popular mobile POS terminals launched by Telpo. Now, the Telpo M1 is available in a versatile grey color, in addition to its original orange option.

Telpo_M1 双色 不带字

Why did Telpo M1 add grey as a new color option?

With the mission of creating a colorful future, Telpo always places customers’ needs first. The 2 color options provided by the Telpo mobile POS terminal bring more flexibility to users.

Meet the color preferences of different users

Different user groups may prefer different colors. Orange and grey, the two color options offered by Telpo mobile POS M1, represent different styles. The needs of customers who prefer bright or dark colors can be satisfied. Users could flexibly select the color in line with their brands or personal preferences.

Adapt to various application scenarios

Being able to be integrated into the decoration can be an important issue for users when selecting smart devices. The mobile POS terminals in two colors can easily adapt to different scenarios. For example, the M1 in orange color is suitable to be used in outdoor environments, such as dining bars, takeaways, mobile food trucks, etc. The bright orange color makes the Telpo M1 perfectly integrated into bright environments.

Compared to orange, the grey color is more versatile. The mobile POS terminal in grey can be applied both outdoors and indoors. Whether in a dimly lit bar or a well-lit retail store, the grey color fits.

In addition to its sleek new grey color option, the Telpo M1 is a reliable and durable mobile POS device that offers a range of features and benefits for merchants.

High-quality mobile POS hardware

 Equipped with the Qualcomm 2.0Ghz Quad-core processor, the Telpo M1 runs on the Android 12 OS and provides powerful performance. With a print engine built-in, the terminal ensures fast receipt printing at a speed of 80mm/s.

Multiple payment methods

With superior NFC performance and GMS certifications, the Telpo M1 can be used as SoftPOS to deal with transactions. The Telpo M1 is a more cost-effective choice for business operators to satisfy the payment needs of customers.

Stable communications

By supporting e-SIM, 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc., the Telpo mobile POS terminal M1 can keep full stable communications. Stable communication is of great importance, especially for mobile businesses.

The Telpo mobile POS terminal M1 has already had a wide application. It has been widely applied in retail, catering, takeaway, parking charges, and many other application scenarios. The Telpo M1 is widely praised for its reliable quality and won recognition from numerous users.

Telpo is a smart terminal and solution provider with 24-year manufacturing and customization experience. Telpo has served customers from 120+ countries and successfully cooperated with industry-leading brands covering AliPay, McDonald’s, Burger King, AEON, etc. Welcome to contact us for more details. We have the confidence to boost your business.

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