Monthly Review | Telpo’s Highlights in April

April was a month of significant progress and success for Telpo in the Android POS machine and retail POS markets. Let’s take a look at Telpo’s exciting developments and achievements in April.

Telpo proudly participated in the AUTOCOM retail exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil from April 9th to 11th, where we showcased our latest Android POS terminals and solutions, reinforcing our commitment to innovation in the retail POS industry.


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Telpo’s flagship smart payment POS TPS900 received NSICCS and Discover certifications, validating the terminal’s quality and security while also opening up new opportunities for Telpo in the global market.

Telpo TPS900

We recently conducted technical training in Nigeria to enhance the skills and knowledge of local staff, strengthening our business presence in Africa and underscoring our dedication to the Android POS machine and retail POS industry.

Telpo_Telpo Nigeria
Telpo_Telpo Burger King case

Telpo M8 Facilitates Smart Restaurant Operations in Thailand

Telpo_Telpo M8

Telpo T20 Revolutionizes Automatic Fare Collection in Latin America

Telpo bus validator

Telpo T20 Improves Shuttle Service Efficiency at European Airports

Telpo_Telpo T20

In May, Telpo is looking forward to participating in the Seamless Middle East exhibition in Dubai from May 14th to 16th and the ID4 Africa exhibition in Cape Town from May 21st to 24th. We are excited to showcase our smart POS terminals, ticket validators, and automatic fare collection solutions at these international events.


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April was a month of groundbreaking achievements and advancements for Telpo in the Android POS machine and retail POS industry. As we move into May, we remain committed to our mission of creating a vibrant future. Stay tuned for more updates!

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