Telpo EFT POS TPS900 Secures AMEX Certification

Telpo proudly announces the successful certification of its EFT POS TPS900 by American Express, marking a significant achievement in the company’s steadfast dedication to meeting industry standards for seamless payment processing.


Understanding AMEX Certification

American Express (AMEX), a prominent global financial services entity renowned for its credit card services, conducts thorough evaluations to certify products or services for use with its payment systems.

AMEX Certification signifies that a product or service has met stringent criteria encompassing security, compliance, and performance standards established by American Express. This endorsement ensures compatibility with AMEX’s payment infrastructure, guaranteeing secure and efficient transaction processing using American Express cards.

Telpo TPS900

Significance of TPS900’s AMEX Certification for Telpo:

  • Elevated Credibility

AMEX certification underscores Telpo’s unwavering commitment to quality and excellence in product development, bolstering the company’s reputation as a trusted provider of secure and dependable POS solutions.

  • Expanded Market Reach

Telpo gains access to a broader customer base seeking AMEX-compatible POS devices, unlocking new market opportunities and fortifying its standing in the payment processing sector.

  • Enhanced Customer Trust

The AMEX certification builds trust among customers relying on American Express for transactions, assuring them that Telpo’s TPS900 meets AMEX’s rigorous security and performance standards, thereby fostering loyalty and confidence among current and prospective clients.

  • Recognition of Innovation

TPS900‘s AMEX certification underscores Telpo’s dedication to innovation and technological advancement in the payment industry, showcasing its ability to meet evolving customer needs and adhere to industry benchmarks effectively.

Telpo TPS900

The Telpo EFT POS TPS900 stands out as a sophisticated POS terminal blending performance, security, and adaptability to cater to the dynamic requirements of modern businesses, enhancing the payment experience for merchants and customers alike.

With comprehensive certifications including PCI PTS 6.X, EMV L1&L2, among others, this device promises to elevate the global customer experience. Reach out to us for further details.

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