Telpo Unveils Next-Gen Retail Tech Trends at Autocom in Brazil


The highly anticipated Autocom Exhibition will be held in Brazil from April 9th to 11th. Telpo is ready to showcase its latest advancements and cutting-edge technology trends at site, with the booth set at 4F-301 in the exhibition hall.

Embracing Innovation: Telpo’s Vision for Tomorrow

Telpo is set to demonstrate its unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in the retail technology sector.

As a distinguished hardware manufacturer, Telpo is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technological possibilities and setting new benchmarks within the industry.

The showcased Android 10 POS solutions and intelligent POS hardwares exemplify Telpo’s vision for the future, where technology seamlessly integrates with retail operations to elevate efficiency, customer experience, and overall business performance.


Android 10 POS Solutions: TPS900 and P8 with Printer

Telpo’s Android 10 POS devices, the TPS900 and P8 with Printer, represent the pinnacle of innovation in point-of-sale technology. Fusing cutting-edge hardware with the latest Android platform, these devices offer unmatched performance, security, and adaptability for retailers across diverse industries.

The TPS900 and P8 with Printer are engineered to streamline transactions, optimize inventory management, and deliver a seamless checkout experience for customers.

With advanced features and robust design, these POS devices are poised to redefine operational standards and enhance business productivity in the retail landscape.

Telpo bank POS

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Smart POS Terminals: M1, M8, and M10

In addition to its Android 10 POS devices, Telpo will also showcase its smart POS.

The M1, M8, and M10 terminals are designed to revolutionize the retail experience by combining cutting-edge technology with user-friendly interfaces. These devices empower retailers to enhance customer engagement, streamline transactions, and drive sales growth through intelligent data analytics and personalized services.

With a focus on innovation and efficiency, Telpo’s smart POS machines are reshaping the retail landscape and setting new standards for operational excellence.

Telpo smart POS terminal

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Telpo: Pioneering New Technological Frontiers

As a retail technology hardware manufacturer, Telpo is at the forefront of pioneering new technological frontiers in the retail industry. By highlighting emerging technology trends, Telpo aims to inspire innovation, foster collaboration, and drive industry progress.

With a steadfast commitment to excellence, reliability, and customer satisfaction, Telpo continues to lead the way in shaping the future of retail.

Join Telpo at Autocom: Experience Innovation Unleashed

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore Telpo’s groundbreaking solutions and witness the future of retail technology firsthand.

Visit booth 4F-301 to engage with Telpo’s experts, experience live demonstrations of the Android 10 POS devices and intelligent POS terminals, and discover how Telpo is revolutionizing the retail landscape with its innovative technology.

As the Autocom Retail Expo draws near, anticipation is mounting for Telpo’s participation and the unveiling of its latest innovations.

Stay tuned for updates as Telpo showcases its vision for the future of retail technology and sets new benchmarks for excellence within the industry.

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