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As a kiosk provider with 24 years of experience, the reliability of Telpo kiosk solutions has been proven repeatedly by our partners. Recently, Telpo upgraded its most popular self-ordering kiosk K20, making it a perfect choice for quick-service restaurants.


Self-service kiosks are playing a more important role, especially in the QSRs with high traffic. By allowing customers to customize their orders, make payments and get receipts, self-ordering kiosks streamline the ordering process, reduce waiting time and elevate customer satisfaction. To fit more quick-service needs and help QSRs provide better customer service, Telpo upgrades K20 in almost all aspects. 

The Telpo K20 integrates multiple user-friendly designs.

  1. Flexible dual system switching

The Telpo K20 supports a flexible switch between Windows and Android OS, which provides more convenience for QSRs that are in the transition stage from Windows to Android. The easy disassembly design reduces the operating costs for quick-service restaurants to switch their kiosks to Android OS.

  • Modular design and simple installation

By adopting a modular design, components of the self-service kiosk are separately packaged and easily replaceable without a maintenance specialist, minimizing the impact on stores’ normal operations. The modular design also makes the installation easier collocating with brackets of wall-mount, floor-stand and pole-mount.

  • Concealed printer switch

The printer built-in is equipped with a concealed switch to support a one-touch keyless opening, which facilitates the operators to open the print bin even after losing the key. What’s more, this design can effectively prevent customers from opening at will.

  • More powerful performance for smooth multitasking

Running on the Octa-Core 2.4GHz processor and Android 12 OS, this Telpo self-ordering kiosk has a powerful performance with 500,000+ AnTuTu scores. It is more than enough for multitasking during peak hours.

What’s more, Telpo K20 streamlines the whole process from self-order, self-pay and self-print.

Self-order: 27-inch large screen makes self-order easier

Equipped with a 27-inch FHD touchscreen, the Telpo K20 is easy for customers to operate. By vividly displaying menu items, customers are more likely to be attracted and order more. Besides, when the kiosk is idle, it can serve as an advertising board and show more relative advertisements and promotion information.

Telpo_Telpo K20 Description 06

Self-pay: Multiple payment options satisfy all needs

The Telpo K20 can meet almost all mainstream payment needs.

With an optional first-rate Datalogic scanner built into the kiosk, both 1D and 2D codes can be easily decoded, which speeds up the QR code payment process. In addition to the basic QR code payment, this upgraded Telpo self-ordering kiosk can be compatible with various POS or EMV devices, which makes payment acceptance more flexible and adapts to more payment habits.

Self-print: 220mm/s high-speed receipt printing

By virtue of the ultra-reliable Seiko printer with an auto-cutter, the Telpo K20 can provide fast and stable receipt printing with a max 220mm/s speed. The auto-cutting makes the whole receipt printing process more convenient.

Telpo_Telpo K20 Description 04

For a long time, the self-ordering kiosk K20 has been the preferred choice of quick service restaurants. After this upgrade, the Telpo K20 is of higher performance, easier operation, and more functions. Welcome to contact us for more details. We are confident that the Telpo K20 will be a reliable partner to boost your QSR businesses.

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