What Types Of Kiosks Are Available To Grow Your Business?

It has been a long time since the kiosk is not limited to outdoor pavilions or market stalls. Nowadays, when most people think of kiosks, the first thing that comes to mind is the interactive touchscreen devices providing self-service for customers. What are the self-service machine types?

Telpo self-service kiosk family

By industry, how can self-service machines be divided?

Self-service has been widely introduced in various industries. According to the application industry, self-service kiosks can be divided into retail kiosks, restaurant kiosks, healthcare kiosks, hospitality kiosks, etc.

Retail kiosk

Self-service machines are common to see in retail scenarios for self-purchase, self-checkout, etc.

Automatic vending machines are the main type of self-service machines, where people can purchase products without any help of staff. These machines are usually placed in shopping malls, airports and other places with high traffic. It offers more opportunities for retailers to sell their commodities.

Besides, the self-checkout kiosk is another common type in the retail industry. When customers finish selecting, they could bring their commodities to the kiosk area and check out by themselves. Many retail giants have introduced kiosks to their offline stores, such as AEON, METRO, J.D. 7-Fresh Supermarket, etc.

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Restaurant kiosk

The main function of restaurant kiosks is for ordering. They are usually placed in a conspicuous place at the store, like where customers could see them as soon as they walk in. Customers click the touchscreen to start their ordering journey. On the kiosk, they browse the digital menu, freely select the dishes, note taste and sauce requirements, and pay for their orders, without the involvement of others. Most quick-service restaurants adopt self-service ordering modes, like McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, etc.

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Healthcare kiosk

The kiosks have a wider application in the healthcare industry. Patients are allowed to check in and register information when they arrive. Making the registration and waiting process digital lets patients clearly know how many people are waiting in front of them and make an arrangement. Patients could log all of their information on the kiosks before seeing the doctor, which saves time and improves efficiency for both patients and doctors.

Hospitality kiosk

Self-service machines are more usual to be seen in hotel lobbies. On hospitality kiosks, customers could complete the check-in and check-out process by themselves. The self-service terminals could perform multiple functions, covering check-in, check-out, printing room keys, booking room service, and making other hospitality requests. The introduction of kiosks makes the requirements of customers understood more clearly and enhances satisfaction.

By function, how can self-service machines be divided?

Kiosks are given different functions in different application scenarios. According to functions, self-service machines could be divided into self-order kiosks, self-checkout kiosks, self-check-in kiosks, ticketing kiosks and way-finding kiosks.

Self-order kiosk

As its name indicates, the self-order kiosk is used by customers to order. This kind of self-service kiosks are usually applied in restaurants, quick-service restaurants, etc. With kiosks in restaurants, less labor is required to order dishes for customers. At the same time, the ordering efficiency is improved without repeated confirmation between customers and staff. Introducing self-service adapts the fast pace of quick-service restaurants and is a win-win decision for customers and restaurant operators.

Telpo K20 is a 27-inch self-order kiosk designed for fast-food restaurants. Telpo K20 is equipped with a printer whose max printing speed achieves 220mm/s, a 1D/2D barcode scanner, an NFC card reader, a 3D structured light camera, etc., which satisfies all everyday use of restaurants.

Self-checkout kiosk

Likely, self-checkout kiosks are mainly used for checking out in retail scenarios. This kind of kiosk allows customers to self-service scan the commodity codes and pay their bills. The self-checkout kiosks spread out the checkout lines, shorten waiting time, enhance customer satisfaction and save staffing input for retailers.

Telpo K8 is a self-checkout kiosk equipped with a 21.5-inch touchscreen. With a scanner built-in, both commodity codes and payment codes can be identified and decoded speedily. The receipt printer provides a printing speed of up to 150mm/s, which offers great convenience for customers and staff to confirm.

Self-check in kiosk

This kind of terminal is usually seen in hotels, hospitals, airports, etc. Self-check in kiosks replace the roles of receptionists and allow customers to check in by themselves. The machines replacing manual methods save time and labor costs for operators.

Telpo K17 is a kiosk for check-in. Equipped with a card reader, printer, keyboard, etc., this Telpo kiosk is able to satisfy the check-in needs of identity document reading, printing vouchers, issuing room cards, facial image comparison and so on, which fully ensures the check-in process is efficient and reliable.

Ticketing kiosk

Ticketing kiosk is used for purchasing and printing tickets in entertainment venues such as cinemas, concerts, sporting events, amusement parks, etc. Customers could directly select the shows and sessions they like on the kiosks. With the multi-touch monitor, barcode scanner, card reader and ticket printer, the ticketing kiosk could satisfy the purchase and payment needs of customers.

Way-finding kiosk

In places with a large areas, a way-finding kiosk is placed to help people navigate and find their desired location. The multi-touch monitor displays where the visitor is, plans the route and gives visitors guidance to the destination. It provides great convenience for customers using an interactive and easy way. Way-finding kiosks are common in shopping malls, theme parks, campuses, train stations, airports, hospitals, etc.

By stand, how can self-service kiosks be divided?

Users could install kiosks with different brackets. According to different stands, the kiosks can be divided into desktop kiosks, wall-mounted kiosks, and floor-mounting kiosks.

Desktop kiosk

The desktop kiosk refers to the kiosk installed with a desktop bracket. The desktop kiosks take up little footprints and can be widely seen in convenience stores and fast food restaurants.

Wall-mounted kiosk

The wall-mounted kiosk is fixed on the wall. This installation method maximizes the use of floor space and saves much space.

Floor-mounting kiosk

It is the most common installation method for kiosks. The stores with ample space usually adopt this method. For example, most large supermarkets and fast food restaurants introduce  floor-mounting kiosks.

By screen size, how can self-service kiosks be divided?

Among the kiosks, there are a variety of screen sizes. As a kiosk provider, Telpo has launched kiosks of various screen sizes.

  1. 15.6 kiosk, Telpo K10
  2. 17 kiosk, Telpo K15
  3. 21.5 kiosk, Telpo K8
  4. 23.6 kiosk, Telpo K17
  5. 27 kiosk, Telpo K20
  6. 32 kiosk, Telpo K30

There are a wide variety of self-service kiosks in the market, users could freely select the most suitable self-service kiosks according to the functions, features, sizes, etc.

As a reliable kiosk provider with 24-year manufacturing and customization experience, Telpo offers a series of self-service kiosks of different functions, screen sizes, etc., to adapt to different application scenarios. Telpo has successfully cooperated with AliPay, McDonald’s, Burger King, 7-Eleven, AEON, J.D. 7-Fresh Supermarket and many other world-renown brands. Welcome to contact us for more details. We have confidence that Telpo won’t let you disappointed.

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