All around payment solution, covers with contact and contactless payment, QR code pay, face pay, etc.

Card Payment Solution

Card payment is still the main payment method, even though digital wallets are becoming increasingly popular. Card payment includes commonly used credit card, debit card payment, as well as cards with biometric chips, prepaid cards, and other payment cards. Diversified payment methods require merchants to add more equipment and investment. Because merchants must accept multiple payment methods, otherwise the transaction may not be realized. The traditional point of sale provides few features.


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Face Payment Solution

Biometric facial recognition payment is gradually developing despite concerns about personal privacy and security. In China, facial recognition payment has been introduced into convenience stores, supermarkets, and other retail scenarios, public transportation scenarios such as subways and buses, campus self-service ordering and deductions, etc. Face payment is in development in Russia, Japan, South Korea, etc. , And related payment security standards have also begun to be drafted.

Telpo’s face payment solution mainly composed of terminals,applications, algorithms, platforms and security. Support allsize and types of business in different scenarios, includingconvenience stores, bank, community, coffee shops, hospitaland supermarkets, etc.To satisfy the user’s intelligent andconvenient payment needs.

QR Payment Solution

QR code payment, which is one of the representatives of mobile payment, is also called cardless payment, because the payment operation of scanning the QR code is simple and convenient, which improves the efficiency of payment, and further opens up electronic payment, which greatly meets the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. The demand for small collections reduces the circulation of banknotes. Countries such as the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Brazil and other countries welcome and promote QR code payment methods.

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