Innovate Retail with Telpo at NRF 2024

Telpo is excited to announce its participation in the NRF 2024 exhibition, the world’s largest retail conference and expo held from January 14th to 16th in 2024. Telpo’s booth is set up at Booth 833, Level 1. On-site, Telpo will be showcasing our latest innovations in the retail field.

Introducing Telpo OS 2.0: Five Major Breakthroughs

The Telpo OS 1.0 has won lots of praise from Telpo users. Now Telpo is proud to announce the launch of Telpo OS 2.0, a revolutionary operating system that brings innovation and efficiency to the forefront. With 5 major breakthroughs, Telpo is confident that the Telpo OS 2.0 will deliver a more user-friendly user experience and reshape the landscape of smart terminal technology.

November | Win in Retail Golden Quarter with Telpo

The fourth quarter of each year is the essential sales period for retailers and is called the Golden Quarter. This period includes some important festivals and promotions, such as Halloween, Double 11, Black Friday, Christmas, etc. It is a time when retailers can make a majority of their yearly profits if they prepare. Read and know how Telpo POS helps you win in the Retail Golden Quarter.

New Product | Self-service Kiosk Telpo K13

Customers are seeking an efficient and positive interactive experiences than ever. To enhance customer satisfaction, large supermarkets have deployed self-service kiosks. However, most small shops are still hesitant because of limited space. Luckily, Telpo’s latest-launched compact kiosk, Telpo K13, can be their perfect choice.

Upgrade | Telpo Self-ordering Kiosk K20

As a kiosk provider with 24 years of experience, the reliability of Telpo kiosk solutions has been proven repeatedly by our partners. Recently, Telpo upgraded its most popular self-ordering kiosk K20, making it a perfect choice for quick-service restaurants.

Telpo will Attend INA Shop Expo 2023

The INA Shop Expo is an international exhibition for retail equipment and technologies. It is a comprehensive platform to gather global participants in the retail industry. The INA Shop Expo 2023 will be held from November 8th to 11th. Telpo booth is set at Booth C1C002. Welcome to the Telpo Booth on-site.

New Product | Telpo AI Vision Checkout Terminal C50

Most people are unwilling to spend much time in restaurants or canteens. In fact, most time they spend lining up to pay rather than enjoying their food. This poor dining experience has a negative effect on both customers and restaurants. The AI vision checkout terminal C50 is launched in this context.

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